Nick’s new book, ‘Words That Touch – How to Ask Questions Your Body Can Answer’ will be published by Singing Dragon on 21 Feb 2017.
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Head & Heart Holistic Therapy
is a mind-body therapy combining energy-based bodywork with simple, focused questions that help you get quickly to the heart of a problem and discover new ways to move on.

Life is designed to wake us up to the things we need to pay attention to. Sometimes they appear as a crisis, dramatically and out of the blue; sometimes they creep up on us gradually as physical or emotional symptoms.

Head & Heart draws on eastern and western sources, including Shiatsu, Clean Language and Mindfulness to help you listen to what these symptoms may be telling you. Some surprisingly simple questions help you translate words into feelings, and deeply relaxing body/energy work helps you put feelings into words. With practice, you can learn a different way of thinking – where head and heart are listening to each other – building bridges between mind and body that reduce stress and make it easier to manage your health, your relationships and your everyday life.

To read about how it helped poet and mental health consultant Rogan Wolf, when a problem literally hit him out of the blue, click About Head and Heart and scroll down to “What’s it like to have a session?”

“I have known Nick for 20 years and his work has been greatly appreciated by our NHS organization and other clients.”
Christine Hunter, MBE, CMIOSH
Occupational Health Professional

To read more about the science behind Head and Heart, and for a simple exercise which can help you think more coherently under stress, click here.

with Nicholas Pole, MA, MRSS(T), NLP Master Pract.

The Chinese character for “thought" combines two symbols: one for “head”; and one for “heart”. A mindful approach to life is about learning to think with both.